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Musings on Ooze Farming and Recipes

blooper Posted 4 months ago

I've been massacring Inventive Oozes to discover all the recipes (mild completionist tyvm) and I've discovered the new Spoopy Ooze recipe: 3 Orange Oozlings, 1 Yellow Oozling, and 1 Mulch.

Mulch isn't a valid oozology crafting material, making the Spoopy Ooze literally un-craftable. :(

Also, the Lunar Ooze doesn't seem to serve a purpose (at least, currently). I haven't seen any mojo gain from mine at all and it's been planted for over a week now (meaning at least an entire rotation of the rainbow of ooze colours). Not sure if it's a bug, or if full moons haven't yet been implemented. 

I also have a point to raise in regards to Mojo farming - the most productive method is Baby Oozes and a lot of boosts from Investigating/Friendly/Asymmetrical/Helpful/Karmic/Altruistic Oozes. Nothing else even comes CLOSE, except for old-school Auditing Oozes which were broken beyond relief. At some level of optimization, farms will all look really similar (which may be un-fun). Not really an issue, but just a consideration. To make things weirder (but probably a nightmare to code), making a non-selfish Selfish Ooze would be cool - basically a Sharing Ooze, which would do move around boosts on adjacent oozes. Or maybe an Ooze which changes boost values, or something. Idk. 

Or maybe the permanency of Mojo gains from farms is an issue? If, say, Baby Oozes had a % chance of turning into an Adolescent Ooze on Harvest or something and it removed the boost-doubling effect but did something different instead? Because boosts themselves are not an issue, but doubling boosts really makes Baby Oozes + Investigating Oozes like the perfect combination to rack up a ton of Mojo.

[BONUS] For my fellow completionists out there stalking the forums, the recipe for the Shimmering Ooze, which seems to be otherwise exclusive to winning the Royal Tournament, is 1 Fairy Dust, 1 Gemstone, and 3 Citrine Oozlings. I'll get around to putting it up on the wiki at some point but until then there you go

bananatron Posted 3 months ago

Thanks a ton, this is great feedback fwiw.
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