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ui/ux/bugs/gameplay questions thread

wiggleworm Posted 5 months ago

(Edited 5 months ago)

here's a dump of unedited game thoughts in no order to be taken or left. :) thanks bananatron!

edit: moved everything into a reply so it wouldn't kill the forums front page

wiggleworm Posted 5 months ago

(Edited 5 months ago)

- combat encounters, like tree-shaking, probably shouldn't spawn continuously; getting a decent crew up and running and grinding low-level encounters without any real risk is currently highly incentivized.

wiggleworm Posted 5 months ago

(Edited 5 months ago)

- it seems like combat rewards and the basic forager's awards are pretty out of sync, at minimum.
- should combat encounters cost mojo? it seems like possibly yes? currently the only reliably high-value use of mojo is buying farms... why spend mojo on foragers at all, when you can just do combat, get everything you need to craft oozes that way, and save your mojo to buy farms faster?

wiggleworm Posted 5 months ago

(Edited 5 months ago)

- royal farm strongly suggests that the auditing ooze needs further nerfing ๐Ÿ˜‚ if wild oozes are supposed to feel powerful on sprout but can't receive further bonuses, it seems bonkers that auditors can come out of the ground 1.5x stronger. if auditors are gonna remain so clearly dominant stat-wise, perhaps only one auditor per player should be able to inhabit any individual farm at once, or the presence of other auditors should be a negative factor in their sprout bonus (are there sprouted auditors ? bonus = 1.6666 x empty spaces / number of sprouted auditors : bonus = 1.666 x empty spaces / 1). auditors clearly shouldn't be re-plantable as they currently are either. auditors definitely should not have the Love move ๐Ÿ“‰

- it's not super clear to me how ooze lifespan works? it would be cool if there was a "spent/total" counter in the expanded view of any given ooze on your farm so you could see that.

- currently it seems like the only way to add an ooze to crew is via shed or random assignment - if there exists a way to add a sprouted ooze from the farm to crew, I can't find it ๐Ÿ˜… at the same time, it's not clear to me why the shed doesn't just show all oozes no matter what and allow you to click them to drill in to see their moves, boosts, what farm they're on, etc., and for ones that are on farms, or to filter for ones that aren't, etc., to just show indicators or filters for that accordingly.ย 

- is there an in-game log for when requests are added/completed on dungeon world fulfillment, and when claims are made in the rewards zone?

- it seems like farm logs should be consolidated (one log total, not one log per farm), maybe with filter options to drill down into a specific farm from the high-level view? it seems like the most interesting log would be royal farm, but that doesn't seem to have a log at all? (it seems like there could be a new item or ooze perk in here down the line that allows for unlogged/stealth actions.) if I want to know my total production for a given harvest, across three farms and royal, I currently have a medium amount of work to do to figure that out.

- it seems like drawing the boost dots on sprouted oozes on farm views is a bit laggy. maybe these only need to show when an ooze is hovered? (maybe this is just a further symptom of auditing oozes needing to be nerfed.)

- it seems like it should be easier to see "my oozes" at a glance on royal farm; currently I'm pretty sure I need to hover the ones I think are mine to check. maybe some kind of haloing or something could be implemented here.

- it seems like day/night cycles are on the way anyway(????? maybe I'm imagining this?) - it would definitely be cool if certain mechanics (forest tree shaking, combat encounters, sprout timing, etc.) were effected by time of day. it would also be cool if game art were affected - color of the sky at sea, color of the sky in the forest, etc. reflecting time of day.

- it seems that you can check to see who the initial combat encounter will be with, by clicking an encounter, then cancelling the warning before the encounter begins without accepting it, and then you can still opt to join that encounter or not (e.g., safely combating a squid, vs. running from a pair of cranky snails). it's not clear if this is a hidden tactic or a bug, but it strikes me that correct behavior would be not showing this second warning about death at all, and not starting combat until "join encounter" gets clicked after showing the specific enemies involved.

- it seems like books should only be for "rare" moves, and that a given ooze's default moves should always be for sale for retraining to that ooze specifically?

- it seems like the flee combat mechanic would be slightly less punishing if it removed some moves instead of all; it's not clear to me yet when it would ever make sense to reteach any ooze five moves from zero, when just crafting a new ooze (or transmogrifying a braindead one) seems to always be cheaper.

- crafting bench should show all available materials in a multi-row drawer (with smaller icons), not a side-scrolling drawer.

- add an option to delete/keep read messages by default?ย 

- add an option to claim attachments by default?

- add an option to click a known recipe and have that recipe populate in the crafting bench?

- known recipes could be somewhat more legible (perhaps showing the recipe as text on hover or something?) - it's not always super easy to tell yellow from orange from amber, etc.

- it seems weird/wrong that unusable moves (that an ooze spawns with, but will never have enough power ticks to use in combat due to an insufficient max) appear as options during combat at all - like you might have an ooze with revive and only 7 energy, so revive effectively just becomes an un-dismiss-able option. this also seems to mean that it's possible that you could wind up in combat with an ooze that has no usable combat commands at all, that just has to sit there until death (or flee).

- it seems like it would be cool if the trading post let users post wanted items x quantities, and that selling could be a fulfillment process like it is for the dungeon, and not just a listing process?

- ooze accessory store? it seems like it would be fun to be able to put a little tyrollean cap on my lonely ooze etc., and that certain accessory/ooze combos might, uhhh, evolve the ooze in question (updating its sprite and maybe its moves, but not changing its type)?

- please duplicate all "back" buttons to the top right nav, above the menu, from the bottoms of the page where they currently live; I'm often trying to go back (or up) a step, and having to scroll to get to that button.

wiggleworm Posted 5 months ago

- it seems like few players are working as artificers right now. if the idea is that oozeologists get more oozes (due to crafting), but artificer's oozes are much more productive (due to items), it seems like this could use some rebalancing. it's currently hard to see how having lots of shovels and green teas would ever be more productive than pretty much always having full farms with even mediocre boost synergies.

wiggleworm Posted 5 months ago

- dungeon world fulfillment rewards seem like they could use a tweak given how difficult it currently it is to get tokens (they're arguably the only actually-rare item right now, since they seem to largely require highest-tier artificer crafting), relative to how easy it is to get some of the items they exchange for. glass vials and oozlings shake out of the trees. horns aren't that great for 1 token. and some tome for 5?!

wiggleworm Posted 5 months ago

- had to learn the hard way that boosts aren't permanent, but are a quality accumulated during an ooze's current sprout. so, okay, cool: some oozes make sense to leave planted, while others makes sense to constantly move around. not sure if any of this should be clarified or left obscure; it felt fun to discover/figure out.

(this is somewhat to my point above, that if many oozes (party, sumo, asym, friendly for boosts; jealous, bloodthirsty, spoopy for "attacking") are best treated like items anyway, artificers might need some items that work like oozes to balance.)

wiggleworm Posted 5 months ago

- R&D seems like great value for money from the dungeon world tokens, but the utility of it is totally obviated by out-of-game resources like the wiki. I wonder if crafting combinations shouldn't be randomly generated per player? this would have the side effect of flattening the value of oozlings at market, since different colored ones would be worth more to some players than to others.

- I also sort of wonder if it should only be possible to craft a limited number of times per session (like tree-shaking), but a) crafting becomes more efficient at higher guild levels, and b) all failed crafting attempts are logged/viewable (so the game would stop you from pointlessly attempting emerald-emerald-emerald-emerald again, and so you could visualize what you haven't tried yet). it also seems like it should be possible to automate crafting attempts this way somehow (say, spend 100 mojo for a hireling to sit at your bench and attempt 10 recipes it hasn't attempted before, over the next three hours), since finding recipes is currently just a matter of iterating thru the permutations of your materials anyway. it seems like risk of failure / cost of trying / reward of discovering new recipes could all be higher?

wiggleworm Posted 5 months ago

- it doesn't totally make sense to me how the auditor in my crew right now is able to get multiple instances of the Love move in combat, when it only knows one instance of the move according to the combat fairy. seems like a bug.

bananatron Posted 5 months ago

This is all amazing stuff! I'll got through and make changes/fixes when time allows - everyone feel free to keep adding on.ย 

A few things for now:

my crew right now is able to get multiple instances of the Love move in combat, when it only knows one instance of the move according

This is intentional, but isn't really explained anywhere (and maybe could be rethunk). Every new move 'draw' simply looks at your memory pool and grabs something at random, meaning the only way you have to manipulate probability is to add more moves to that pool (think of a deck of cards, with infinite instances).

ย royal farm strongly suggests that the auditing ooze needs further nerfing

Agreed ๐Ÿ˜‚

ย it's not super clear to me how ooze lifespan works?

Ooze used to have a lifespan and die if they were sprouted for X time, however this was recently removed to simplify game logic but something like this will likely need to exist. Ooze on the royal farm (or a pvp farm) may die by the hands of another player.

blooper Posted 5 months ago

(Edited 5 months ago)

just to piggyback on this thread a lil'
- vx bug in the mountain, where the side menu goes black and clicking any of the links doesn't work
- upon buying any item from the pawn shop, the screen that pops up is solely of that item, meaning if you're doing a lot of purchasing from the pawn shop, navigation takes fooreeever
- added point, general ui thing, navigating through menus/items/oozes takes really long due to the each-item-gets-its-own-info-page

also, not necessarily an issue but I find that a lot of the features to be very hard to figure out or never explained. while I'm aware an element of it is intentional, I'm also really tempted to fix up the wiki to clear up some misconceptions (e.g. what you were explaining about moves below) - do you wish for the initial gameplay experience to be very exploratory and experimental, or would you appreciate a little bit of guidance to be provided from more experienced players in the community? i.e. is gameplay non-transparency intentional

bananatron Posted 5 months ago

(Edited 5 months ago)

Thanks for adding to this (I often forget about the mountain)!

is gameplay non-transparency intentional

No ๐Ÿ˜‚
It just so happens that making tutorials isn't as fun as building new things and it just hasn't been something I've prioritized (I'm the solo maker on this project). I've been thinking through how an achievement system might be able to double as a tutorial, but it's not likely to happen in the super short term. Please feel free to edit any external info/build guides/etc as you see fit - those kinds of things are super impactful for attracting new folks and are highly appreciated.

bananatron Posted 5 months ago

I'm finally consolidating a list of actionable fixes for @wiggleworm's post (thanks again!) and realized I left a few questions untouched.

is there an in-game log for when requests are added/completed on dungeon world fulfillment, and when claims are made in the rewards zone?

No, the tavern chat has a global log and they might show up there, but it'd be hard to catch. Basically, the dungeon orders will be procedurally generated when they aren't filled every X hours. When they are claimed, they are gone and replaced by other orders. If an order is left unfilled, the reward will continue to increase.

currently it seems like the only way to add an ooze to crew is via shed or random assignment

You can click on an ooze's name and drill down to the details page, where you can add it to the crew. This clearly isn't obvious, so it'll be addressed.

it seems like day/night cycles are on the way anyway

Yes, there is a timing cycle that follows real-world time that does effect harvests and potentially other game things. I can't remember all the details, but the mountain is involved here.

blooper Posted 5 months ago

I like the new Tavern button in the sidebar menu, I think it's very helpful to encourage player interaction! However, it currently links to the forums... :P

kurbis Posted 5 months ago

it currently links to the forums

๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™€๏ธ๐Ÿ˜‚ thanks!

blooper Posted 5 months ago

You currently can't delete unneeded collections :(

blooper Posted 5 months ago

Also, today I got an (I think?) impossible Dungeon World Order.

I'm looking for 2 oozes which, in total, produce 16 mojo.

The highest mojo an ooze gives is 7 - Wild Ooze or Jealous Ooze. Unless it allows you to give an ooze boosts in your farm and counts those boosts?ย 
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