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Patch Changes (November 2nd)

Nov 02, 2019 by Spenser

As usual, patch changes don't go out all at once but the game is continuously updated. Here are some changes that went live over the last week or so:

Happy farming!

- Spenser

A New Challenger Approaches

Oct 29, 2019 by Spenser

This is the first halloween season where the high seas are available. Of course, this means that a special event is in order!

Until the end of October, you may find Ol' Bessie roaming the High Seas. Although her crew packs a punch (it can't be done alone), those that are able to defeat her will surely claim her treasures.

Good luck and happy halloween!

Get Started with Ooze Farming (Video tutorial)

Oct 21, 2019 by Spenser

As you may have learned, tutorials in Ooze Saga don't really exist. In the meantime, I've recorded a little video on how to get started farming in Ooze Saga.

Hopefully it helps!

- Spenser

It's Dangerous To Go Alone

Oct 17, 2019 by Spenser

First of all, it's October (objectively the best and spookiest month of them all).

so spoopy

Second, despite the lack of updates, Ooze Saga is still alive and well. Here's a video explaining what's been going on:

A short summary of the changes:

As with anything Ooze Saga related, there is little to no instruction on how this stuff works, but the guide will cover the basics.

Also, every Halloween Castlebrook encounters strange enemies on the high seas. Since this is the first year y'all can help defend the city, I'd expect something extra special (we'll need everybody's help). 🤫 

Lastly, here's something special for following along!

Hope everything is good in your world and take care.  ❤️

- Spenser