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Musings on Ooze Farming and Recipes

I've been massacring Inventive Oozes to discover all the recipes (mild completionist tyvm) and I've discovered the new Spoopy Ooze recipe: 3 Orange Oozlings, 1 Yellow Oozling, and 1 Mulch.

Combat System

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Basically I have some concerns with the way moves are given in the combat system.

Ooze Saga Changelog

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This thread represents the game changes as they happen to Ooze Saga. Game changes are not deployed in patches, but are continuously updated, so check here for the most recent updates.

ui/ux/bugs/gameplay questions thread

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here's a dump of unedited game thoughts in no order to be taken or left. :) thanks bananatron!

edit: moved everything into a reply so it wouldn't kill the forums front page

Introduce Yourself

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Let's get to know each other.

Where are you from? What do you think is cool?

The forums are HERE

What you've all been asking for (actually, literally nobody asked for this) is finally here!
Let's get forum-ing.

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