Welcome to the wonderful world of Ooze Saga!

His majesty, King Minus, is graciously providing a guide to operating a successful ooze farm (he stresses that this generous gift has nothing to do with the tax revenue supplied by said farms).


What is an Ooze, anyway?

Oozes are delicate creatures which produce the magical mojo we all desire. They come in many shapes, sizes, and temperaments and must be treated with the utmost care.

Oozes have roamed the land of Castlebrook for many moons, however once his greatness discovered how beautiful, majestic, and profitable the oozes were, he claimed them to be the royal symbol of his throne (overtaking the black-tailed buzzard, which nobody was particularly enthusiastic about anyway).

Oozes are now commonly gathered from the surrounding landscape and, in the hands of a skilled farmer, produce more mojo than they would in their natural habitat.

Do Oozes like being milked for mojo?

Since Oozes can’t talk, we assume the answer is... YES!


During your stay in Castlebrook, you'll find other goodies. Some of these items are useful tools to assist in your farming efforts, and some are useless relics of the past.

Goodie bags

Your Shed

“Our desire for more STUFF is insatiable, man. You might call it silly, but I call it a paycheck.” - Gregory

Oozes (and any other useful items you might gather) are stored in your shed until you’re ready to use them. When you decide to plant an ooze it will leave your shed and be moved to your farm, but tools and other items will be destroyed after use.

Any goodies which you purchase (or those discovered by foragers) will be delivered directly into your shed, or they'll show up in your mailbox.

Your Farm

“Technology is a manifestation of a species who despises itself, but isn’t it O so fun!?” - O, the prophetic

As a community of farmers, your farm is your livelihood here in Castlebrook. A poorly organized farm results in low mojo yields, whereas a smart and productive farm will make you wealthy beyond your wildest dreams (after the king gets his fair share, of course).

Only oozes which have sprouted will produce mojo when a harvest occurs. You’ll want to carefully plan the layout of your farm to maximize mojo production.


Be cautious - nefarious farmers have been caught planting nasty oozes in other people’s farm. If this impacted tax yield (and if his majesty didn’t find it so amusing), we would put an end to it immediately. The flea market may have items to help defend from any shameful actors.


“They natural cycle that dictates the mojo production of wild oozes seems to remain once they are domesticated, and yet, as the oozes become closer to us, the mystery of the rhythm that guides them remains a profound mystery.” - Oozological Anatomy: Volume 2 by Scooter Finkle

Helpful ooze feeling the harvest

Only sprouted oozes will only produce mojo during a harvest, which happens on a regular cycle throughout the day. During a harvest, the mojo production for each ooze on all of your farms will be added to your mojo total.

Oozes lose motivation if they don't see you for some time. Only farmers who have logged in in the last 10 days will produce mojo during a harvest.


Mojo is the primary currency in these parts, allowing industrious ooze farmers to make a handsome living. Mojo can be earned by sprouted oozes during a harvest or by selling goods at the flea market or bazaar. An ooze which is not sprouted will produce no mojo.


For an ooze to fully develop, it must be planted, where it will remain dormant for some time as it becomes tethered with its environment. Eventually, you will be able to sprout the ooze, where it will start supplying your farm with sweet sweet mojo when a harvest occurs. When oozes sprout, some have been known to boost (or degrade) the spirits of nearby oozes.


A sprouted ooze is an ooze which living above-ground, and ready to produce mojo. Only sprouted oozes effect other oozes around them and only sprouted oozes produce mojo.

Basic Ooze being sprouted

Once an ooze has sprouted, they produce mojo when a harvest occurs (the next harvest is in about 1 hour). During a harvest, any mojo which is produced on your farm will be captured by you, and added to your mojo total.

Royal Farm

The king has graciously opened up some of his farmland to ALL of the citizens of Castlebrook. The king has the best real-estate - as a result, mojo harvested in the king's land grants a bonus. The Royal Farm can be accessed by vising the Castle.

You will only receive mojo for the creatures which you have planted on the Royal Farm and any player may use any ooze or item on this farm. If you receive boosts from other farmer's oozes, it will be added to your total during a harvest.

The current Royal Farm bonus is 25% which will be added to the mojo total of your oozes on the Royal Farm, during harvest.

Your Crew

Your Crew is the only thing that stands between Castlebrook and the foes that would see it's destruction. Crew members may be reside in your shed or your farm. Adding a crew member does not remove them from either of these locations, but simply gives you access to them when you're in the throws of combat.

Combat Moves

Combat Moves refer to the things an Ooze can do during combat. The Combat Fairy can help your oozes learn Combat Moves.

Oozes are flexible and can learn all kinds of combat moves, however their simple minds can only only remember how to do a few things at any one time. These short memories of their aren’t particularly consistent either - when confronted in battle, an ooze can only remember a few moves at once, regardless of how many you’ve taught it.

Of course, once an ooze uses a move, space will be freed up for them to recall another. In addition, Combat Moves cost energy to use, which is regained over time.

The High Seas

The High Seas is a dangerous area, just outside of Castlebrook where those with a warrior's heart go to defend the kingdom. Fortune and fame can be had by those who face the harriest and scariest beasts that lurk there.

You can engage in battle with the creatures here, and others may join you. All battles take place in real time.


Castlebrook has been home to an ancient tribe of foragers long before King Minus' ancestors arrived. Much of their history has been lost, alongside the knowledge of the mysterious oozes. Many secrets remain undiscovered in this forgotten landscape.

King Minus

King Minus is the most generous, courageous, and beautiful leader anyone could ever hope for. He’s brought prosperity, profit, and happiness to everyone in Castlebrook through the power of the ooze.

King Minus enjoys long walks on the shore, and frolicing with his favorite pet pig, Larry.

Those who contribute their fair share shall be upheld as models of our society, and those questioning the rule of the great King Minus will be punished and shamed for pursuing such imbecilic endeavour.

(This message approved by King Minus)


Larry the pig

King Minus’ favorite pig. Current minister of defense during King Minus' absence.


"The techniques of local foragers seem to have been passed on from generation to generation for longer than records have existed. We can only hope to improve upon their techniques by living alongside those who see oozes as a part of the cosmic consciousness." - Mythology of the Zu by Bin Zooth

Foragers are experts in gathering materials which farmers find useful. Foragers come in a wide variety, all providing a range of unique expertise. If you’re looking for something specific, there’s a good chance a forager can get it for you.

You can find foragers for hire at Rickshaw’s Tavern. When hiring a forager, they will work exclusively for you for the duration of their contract, searching for goodies which will be delivered to your inbox if/when they find them.

Foragers know their value. When they see you've hired a whole crew (or that you have a lot of mojo in the bank) they'll ask for more mojo to do the same job.